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Abogado ni Liza umalma sa red-tagging

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Naglabas ng official statement ang lawyer ni Liza Soberano na si Atty. Juanito Lim Jr. tungkol sa ‘red-tagging’ issue ng aktres.

Inakusahan si Liza na umano’y kumunista pagkatapos maging speaker sa webinar ng Gabriela Youth.

“We denounce in the strongest terms the ‘red-tangging’ of our client, Ms. Liza Soberano, in some social media platforms. Expressing her love and respect for women and children is her personal advocacy.

“Ms. Soberano remains to be apolitical. She does not support nor antagonize any person’s political views. The important point here is respect for others, a virtue she has conscientiously practiced all her life.

“We, thus, call on everyone concerned to be circumspect in associating our client with their respective politics beliefs, whatever it may be.” (Roldan Castro)

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