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Angel niresbakan sa banta

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Hindi lahat ay pabor sa pagbabanta ni Angel Locsin sa isang ordinaryong netizen.

Kamakailan ay nag-post ang aktres ng “Kuya girl, we all know this account is fake plus you are handling the different account. Let me give you a heads up, if you don’t stop flooding my page with nonsense, I will trace you and tap your employer, your family, anything. So please just stop. Thank you.”

Sa Facebook account ng nagngangalang RJ Anglao ay bumuwelta siya kay Angel.
“ANGEL LOCSIN’s threat to an ordinary citizen’s tweet.

I can’t answer all your questions guys so please read the caption of each photo.

PS: To those who are saying that I’m playing the “victim card” here, sorry— YOU’RE WRONG! If you hate me because you love Angel, please know as well that I’m a fan & I’m actually one of the people on twitter who defended her for being BODY SHAMED. It’s not “pa VICTIM” when you’re just explaining your side because if you still trust fully the mainstream media today, then you’re closing your mind to know the reality. Angel Locsin’s contribution to the country is not undermined here. What is not okay is THREATENING someone just because she can’t handle the heat.”

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