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Angel pumalag na komunista ang utol

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Pumiyok si Angel Locsin sa kanyang Instagram stories dahil pinaratangang makakaliwa umano ang kapatid na si Ella Colmenares.

Sa family photo nila ay binati niya ang utol niyang si Angelo.

“Happy birthday sa bunso namin.”

Sinundan niya ito ng laughing emoji para naman kay Ella: “With our controversial sister na nasa underground daw sa Quezon.”

Sa Facebook account naman ni Angela Colmenares (Ella) ay nilagyan niya ng Fake News ang balita tungkol sa statement ni General Antonio Parlade, Jr. .Tungkol ito sa ‘red-tagged’ umano kay Liza Soberano na nasangkot din ang pangalan niya.

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Caption ni Ella, “Like many of you, I am an ordinary Filipino, a mother, living my life day to day, earning a living for my family for many years. I have been living peacefully until this peace has been destroyed by a statement, red-tagging me with no basis except for the words of a single man. I do not have to defend myself as I have not done anything wrong but I decided to speak up, not just for myself but also for my children, whose lives may have been endangered because of this reckless red-tagging being broadcasted on social media.

“Yes, I believe in the protection of women’s rights and human rights, the same advocacies that Angel and Neri fight for, but so do millions of Filipinos across the country. That doesn’t mean that I’m a member of the NPA as what is being claimed. Practicing our constitutional rights that we are entitled of, expressing our opinions and having a belief different from the others does not entail that one should be red-tagged.

“I express support for Ms. Catriona Gray, Ms. Liza Soberano, and other celebrities who are being red-tagged simply because they speak about their advocacies. And I am earnestly appealing to my fellow Filipinos, ordinary citizens like me, to express support for those being targeted merely because they are expressing their opinions. Let us stop the cycle of hate and instead, discuss the merits of the issues being raised.

“#ActivistsNotTerrorists .”

Dagdag pa ni Ella sa magkahiwalay na post,” Sir Parlade, bakit nyo naman ako hinanay kina Liza Soberano, Catriona Gray at Angel Locsin? Feeling maganda tuloy ako ngayon.” (RFC)

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