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Baek Sung-hyun 8 buwan nang tatay

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Last year, may lumabas na balitang mukhang buntis na ang non-showbiz girlfriend Ni Baek Sung-hyun, pero wala itong inilabas na detalye.

Nagpakasal sila last April 2020 kahit na kasagsagan ng pandemic. At ngayon lang ito naglabas ng statement na “appa” o isa na nga siyang “Daddy.” Pero sa statement niya, ipinaliwanag nitong premature raw nang ipanganak ito.

Ayon sa report ng Newsen; “On June 16, Newsen cited a source close to the actor who shared, “Baek Sung Hyun became a dad in late October last year. I heard she’s a baby girl who looks just like her parents and is growing up well.”

At kinumpirma na rin ito ng Sidus HQ , agency niya.
Noong October 2020 pa raw nagsilang ang wife ni Sung Hyun ng isang baby girl.

Sa pamamagitan naman ng kanyang Instagram account, naglabas ang actor ng kanyang official statement.

Aniya; “Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I greeted you.

“I’ve been putting it off for so long because I’ve been spending my days busily, and I’m now finally uploading it.

“Last October 31, I got a daughter who is the apple of my eye.

“Amidst the heavy atmosphere due to COVID-19, it seems like our baby was curious about the world. She came out over a month earlier than the expected date (early December) and made her mom and dad uneasy.

“I can only pray out of gratitude when I watch her grow up in such good health after she was born weighing only 2.5 kilograms (approximately 5.5 pounds) and went through a difficult time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

“I apologize for sharing the news belatedly.

“After a long break, I am making my return through “Voice 4”

“I’m still lacking, but I will do my best to showcase good acting. Please support “Voice 4” and Shim Dae Shik. Thank you!”

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