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Chelsea, Benjamin inurirat sa kasal

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Bonggang-bongga ang birthday message ni Benjamin Alves sa kanyang girlfriend na si Chelsea Robato sa Instagram.

Sey niya, “Happy birthday my love.

“I have been so blessed to share my life with you – thank you for being so patient, caring, and supportive. Life, throughout its ups and downs, has been so good with you.

“You and I will always be a team.

We’ll fight and learn more about each other.

We’ll grow old and add to our small family.

We’ll travel and create new memories.

We’ll get fat and get fit again (and again, and again).

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“I hope this week has been relaxing and rewarding for you.

I only want to see you smiling.

“I know today brings you much anxiousness.

But know that age will never take away your beauty.

“I’m always here for you.

And I love you with all my heart.

Happy birthday my love.”

Buong ningning naman sumagot si @chelseamaey, “😭😭 thank you baby I love you so much.”

Nagtatanong din ang mga netizen kung kailan pakakasal ang dalawa. Parang ‘yun na lang daw ang kulang sa dalawa.

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