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DMCI-Consunji ‘di nahiya sa mga marupok na condo


Isang malaking ­katanungan para sa mga may-ari ng ­condo ng DMCI-Consunji kung bakit ­tanging ang kanilang condo ­lamang ang nasira sa ­nangyaring lindol sa Davao City noong ­nakaraang taon.

“Of all the four condo ­projects in Duterte City, 12 building structures in total, 1 collapsed, 1 condemned, 7 buildings were ordered to be vacated and the remaining 3 are still under ­construction but 2 of that were even yellow tagged. Ladies and gentlemen , I’m not saying DMCI built poor structures structures, but this is something you don’t expect from the Consunji-led empire,” ayon sa Facebook post ni James Patoc, spokesperson ng DMCI-Verdon Parc ­homeowners.

“The very big question which was not answered up ­until this very day is that ‘what ­happened?’ The whole Davao City ­experienced the same ­intensity but only your ­projects suffered gravely, all your ­projects by the way,” sabi ni Paltoc.

Bukod sa Verdon Parc (na may isang tapos na gusali at 3 hindi pa natatapos), ­apektado rin ang iba pang DMCI ­project gaya ng Ecoland 4000, ­Magallanes ­Residences at ­Palmetto Place .

Isa pang netizen na si Ian de Veyra ang nagpahayag ng ­pagkadismaya sa iniaalok na kompensasyon ng mga ­Consunji sa mga DMCI victim.

“This is how DMCI has been treating their ­homeonwers! They build them a ­substandard ­building that can’t even ­withstand a magnitude ­6.3-6.7 earthquake and when the ­owners get scared of living coz their fear for their lives, they ­offer to ­buyback their units to almost the same amount as they acquired it more than 10 years ago!!! They forcefully hand out losing investment to their ­homeowners even when it’s their fault for making ­substandard buildings. They have no shame!” litanya ni De Verya ­habang ­ipinapakita ang ­larawan ng mga ­malalaking bitak o cracks ng DMCI ‘s ­Magallanes Residences.

“DMCI’s final offer to ­Magallanes ­Residences’s ­Home­owners is not just ­disappointing but is also very ­unjust . MagRes’ location is in the heart of the city and I’m sure the ­increase in market ­value of that property from 2009 to ­present is nowhere near 25 ­percent but even higher than double,” ­dagdag pa ni De Verya.

Dahil rito, binatikos ni ­Patoc ang mga Consunji dahil sa alok na 125 percent buyback sa mga biktimang unit owner na ­nagbayad ng 6 percent capital gains tax ( 150 percent ang hirit ng mga biktima) at 40,000 cash assistance kada buwan mula sa hiling na P50,000 ng mga ­condo owner.

“This transaction has both benefited the developer and the seller, but only the buyer has ­exposed to the safety risk since we are the one who lived in the building and experienced all the trauma, stress, anxiety and ­helplessness,” paliwanag ni ­Patoc.

Hindi lubos maisip ni Patoc kung pano nasisikmura ni DMCI chair Sid Consunji na mag-alok ng hindi patas na kompensasyon sa mga biktima gayong ­binalaan na ito ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na bayaran ang mga ­naperwisyong mga unit owner.

“We don’t know how a ­billionaire thinks. We have no idea how he process date and compute profits and losses. I guess, in this lifetime, we will ­always wonder all the how’s and why’s , as only few of us will be able to amass such amount of wealth,” dugtog pa ni Patoc.