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EXO winner ang comeback

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Nami-miss na ni EXO member Sehun ang stage.Sinabi niyang sabik na siyang mag-perform ng may audience sa bagong issue ng Esquire Korea na cover siya.

Pero ayon din sa idol/singer/actor every performances naman daw nila ay different. And since marami rin silang member, nakaka-tense rin daw with their different formation at kung magkamali siya.

“I’m definitely tense for all performances, and even if it’s the same concert, there are times when I get more nervous after finishing the first day’s concert. The formation and details in the choreography can sometimes change from the first day to the second.”

Masaya naman si Sehun sa success ng recent comeback ng grupo nila para sa album na “Don’t Fight the Feeling.”

Sey nga niya, “Honestly, I feel very happy. It was our first comeback in a while, and we couldn’t promote in a variety of fields due to various circumstances, but I felt, ‘The fans still love us.’ While seeing the records, the members felt touched and said, ‘This is really true love from the fans.’ I can’t explain the response to this album in any other way than that it’s really [thanks to] the love from our fans.”

Sa ngayon, pinasok na rin ni Sehun ang acting. Ang first drama niya ay ang comeback drama ng actress na si Song Hye Kyo.

At this time, mukhang seryoso na ito na makilala hindi lamang bilang isang idol at singer kung hindi bilang isang actor na rin.

Ang title ng inaabangang drama niya ay ang “Now, We are Breaking Up.”

“It’s a drama that depicts the story of what occurs at the fashion company The One. As the role of Hwang Chi Hyung, the son of The One’s CEO, I’ll enter The One’s design team as a new employee, and the team leader of that team will be Song Hye Kyo.

“I’m normally very honest, and I purposefully speak curtly to the people around me while sometimes also acting cute, and I think those aspects are similar [to my character].”

At bilang maknae or youngest ng EXO, sabi nga niya, “I may seem like I’m not greedy, but I have a lot of desires in various fields including music, acting, and fashion. I want to live a life in which 40-year-old Sehun 20 years from now can say, ‘Thank you,’ to the current Sehun in his 20s.”

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