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Harden tipo ng Heat

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Matunog ngayon sa NBA na interesado ang Miami Heat kay All-Star guard James Harden kung sakaling i-trade ito ng Houston Rockets.

Sa ulat Sabado ni Barry Jackson ng Miami Herald, “The Heat would have interest in Harden if the Rockets decide to trade him, according to the source. At this point, Houston has displayed no particular interest in granting his trade request…”

“Though some might wonder how Harden’s high shot totals and heavy on-the-ball tendencies would blend with a selfless, ball-sharing team, that doesn’t dissuade the Heat because of a belief that the way Harden plays is a byproduct of Houston’s style, not any reluctance on Harden’s part to play a team game…”

Hindi rin tinuturing ng Heat si second-year shooting guard Tyler Herro na ‘untouchable’ sa potensyal na trade para kay Harden.

Batay pa sa ulat, “But the source disputed any suggestion that Heat guard Tyler Herro would be untouchable in such a deal. Though the Heat loves Herro, the source advised against any conclusion that he wouldn’t be made available in a Harden deal if serious talks eventually happen. He would be in play.” (Janiel Abby Toralba)

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