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Hayoung isiniwalat ang takot kay Hyoyeon


Nag-open up ang member ng South Korean girl group na APink na si ­Hayoung sa JTBC4’s August 31 episode show na “Secret Sister” sa Girls Generation member na si Hyoyeon.

Nagsimula ito nang tanungin ni Hyoyeon si Hayoung kung ano ang fear niya.

Sabi ni Hayoung, “Thinking back, I had a lot of fear in the past. I could have gone out to eat with my friends or gone to a café, but I couldn’t because I was so scared. I didn’t want there to be rumors about me, so I just didn’t go out to places like that.

“I always thought that if there were alcohol, people, and people of the opposite gender, then problems will arise, so I just didn’t go out to places like that. But because of that, my personal relationships decreased and it was affecting my promotions because I didn’t know anyone. For example, when I have to ask for a featuring artist or have to invite someone, I have no one to call. Up until now, I didn’t think that having a social life was important, but these days, I’m realizing the importance of it little by little.”
Pinayuhan ni Hyoyeon si Hayoung na hindi pa late na may ma-meet or mag-hang-out ito kasama ang mga new or old friends na kilala nito.

Bukod dito, pinayuhan din ni Hyoyeon si Hayoung tungkol sa mga worry pa nito at mga bagay na hindi nito magawa dahil natatakot na baka magkaroon ng negatibong impression sa kanya.

Very grateful naman si Hayoung kay Hyoyeon dahil sa pakikinig sa kanya at mga ipinayo na puwede niyang gawin.
Sabi nga ni Hyoyeon, “Every moment talking with ­Hyoyeon was relatable. I felt like she was lessening my burden. I’m really thankful that she was able to help me find the solution.”