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Howie patient 2828 ng COVID-19



” I’m Patient 2828 in the lower part of the curve – have a responsibility to talk about this experience in a way that will enable the public to understand it, lessen the fear, and create compassion for those who survived COVID-19.”

Ito ang naging pag-amin ng brodcaster at newscaster na si Howie Severino sa GMA News online matapos maka-survive sa Covid- 19. Nine days sa ospital sa pakikipaglaban sa pneumonia sanhi ng kinatatakutang virus, maraming baong kwento at realization si Howie.

” It’s a tale of long painful needles that couldn’t find a vein in my hands, the swabs down my throat that made me gag, the torture of long sleep deprivation, and the team of doctors who formed a Viber group to discuss updates on my case and the experimental drug chloroquine that worked on patients elsewhere and eventually worked on me.”

Hindi raw naging madali ng malamang positibo ang broadkaster.

“For the greater good, we are required to disclose our COVID-19 status to the Department of Health. Contact tracing can go a long way in preventing its further spread. This is more than a notification of work colleagues.”

“One of my more critical decisions was informing my close neighbors. They reacted with compassion and appreciation for the information, but I’m not sure how they would have reacted if they found out later or through the barangay.”

Sa pinagdaanan ni Howie masasabi niyang hindi katapusan ang pagkakaroon ng nasabing sakit.

“COVID-19 need not be a death sentence. I am living proof. A combination of good fortune, physical fitness and competent medical treatment probably saved my life.

Don’t believe all the statistics. One false impression is that the fatalities outnumber the recoveries, artificially bloating the case fatality rate. The reality is many of the recoveries don’t get counted, while the deaths often make the news, adding to the overwhelming sense of dread. The odds of survival are pretty good.”

Mas lalo raw niyang hinangaan ang mga modern day heroes, ang mga frontliner at nagkaroon pa nga ng kaibigan.

“Frontliners are true heroes, but many more have chosen to stay out of harm’s way. One can’t blame them considering the risks and discrimination.

When my wife contacted a private nursing agency in search of additional nursing support, out of 200 nurses on their roster, only one stepped up. He happened to be a strapping young man in PPE who was interested in documentary.

I taught him how to shoot and he began to document his life as a frontliner, which eventually became a documentation of his patient. This apprenticeship was a great diversion, kept my mind active while giving me a blessed sense that even lying there in isolation I was getting something done.”

Hindi raw malilimutan ni Howie ang kagitingan ng mga frontliner pero gagawin niya sa sariling paraan kung paano maibalik ang kabutihang ito.

” It will be hard to pay them back, but one can pay it forward. If it’s true that I will have antibodies in my blood that can help others fight off infection, I’ll be glad to donate this accidental gift. It’s a small price for all survivors to pay for the chance to see the sun again.

Very often when alone in my room, I’d gaze out of my window into the empty streets, the trees, and a giant bas relief of the Philipppine map displayed in a dry fountain in the hospital’s parking lot. It reminded me of a world I was eager to rejoin.”

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