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Ina engaged na sa Italian boyfriend


Inanunsyo na ni Ina Feleo sa kanyang IG account ang kanyang engagement sa kanyang Italian boyfriend na si Giacomo Gervasutti.

Sey ni Ina sa kanyang post: “Two weeks ago I was in church praying and thanking God for all the blessings he continues to give me and then the thought of my relationship hit me and I turned to Him to entrust everything completely, because His will is always better than mine. In the past, when I got to this point of entrusting my ‘love life’ the next events would lead to a falling out.

“But now this happened, and I felt so calm about it. I never really get into a relationship without thinking that it could lead into a more serious future, but it didn’t happen before and I am just so grateful that this happened now. Love is patient. Love is tested. Love endures.

“I don’t have an instagrammable photo because he asked me when I had just put on my night creams and hadn’t brushed my hair and was quietly sipping on my probiotic tea. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Thank you @jamesgerva for jumping off the edge for me. This is completely out of character from you but I will take care of you don’t worry. I love you! (P.s. I know that isn’t the ring finger but the ring is an heirloom piece and we have to have it adjusted to fit my super skinny fingers).

“P.s.s. Omg di ako tatandang dalaga whattt #shookt.” (Archie Liao)