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Jemyla may laban sa awrahan


Grabe ang alindog ni Jemyla Nicole F. Velilla, 21 years old, ng Baliuag, Bulacan. May laban siya sa awrahan.

“When I was a kid, I was a shy girl. I never thought nor dreamt of joining a beauty pageant. When I entered highschool, my teacher helped me boost my self-confidence and made me join a pageant in our school. Luckily, I was able to place at 1st runner up.

“After that experience, alot of people encouraged me to continue joining pageants. From then on, I joined different pageants starting from interschool to college/university such as Miss BulPriSA, Thomasian ICS Youth Ambassadress and Miss Marian College.

“Also some of the notable pageants that I’ve joined are Miss Silka Bulacan, where I was able to take home the title back in 2015, Wowowin Gandang Filipina where I was one of the grand finalists and Miss Silka Philippines. After these pageants, I stopped joining because I need to focus with my studies,” kuwento niya.

Dagdag pa niya: “After graduating, I continued to pursue my dream of becoming a beauty queen so I started joining again pageants in our province. In 2018, I was crowned as Miss Bulacan Montage International. In early 2019, I joined a pageant in Central Luzon and was crowned as Royale Ambassadress- Central Luzon 2nd runner up. A month after, I won as Augustus Scent Ambassadress of the Philippines 2019- 1st runner up. In September of 2019, I was crowned as Reyna ng Singkaban- Kasaysayan as part of our Singkaban Festival celebration in Bulacan,” lahad pa niya.

Kandidata rin siya ngayon ng Turismo Filipina 2019. (RFC)