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Jisso ‘kinatakutan’ sa school

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Sangkot si Jisoo sa paratang na bully ito sa school.

Isang netizen ang nag-post sa popular online site sa Korea ng akusasyong ito. Itago na lang sa pangalan na “A” . Personal daw siyang na nakaranas at nag-suffer sa pambu-bully umano ni Jisoo noong nag-aaral pa sila.

“Kim Ji Soo had a bigger build than the other kids his age at the time. Starting in his second year of middle school in 2007, he roamed the school as a delinquent and performed all sorts of bad deeds. The delinquents at the time, including Kim Ji Soo, were quite systematic. First of all, picking a fight with Kim Ji Soo and and the delinquents was unthinkable. If any member of that group experienced something even a little bit unpleasant, all of them would go and beat that person up, trampling over them in an insulting and thorough way.

Ayon pa rito, pwersahan din daw na uutusan ni Jisoo at ng grupo niya ang ibang mga estudyante para bumili ng sigarilyo .Ang pagkain naman daw ng iba ay inuutos na itapon sa mga ito.

Sabi pa rin ni A, “I was bullied by Kim Ji Soo and the delinquents in 2008, my third year of middle school. The word ‘bullying’ is not enough to describe everything. I was a victim of all kinds of school violence like being made an outcast, violence, blackmailing, insults, and abusive language. It started when B, one of the delinquents in Kim Ji Soo’s group, took another student’s gift certificate. I went to B and said I’d report them to the police if they didn’t return the gift certificate.

“This behavior of mine was an act of opposition. After that, my ordinary middle school life turned into horror itself. They were careful, perhaps because I told them I’d report them to the police. They craftily ordered other classmates to bully me so they could stay out of trouble.”

Dahil dito, nagbanta raw si Jisoo at ang grupo nito na kapag may nakitang nakikipag-usap sa kanyang estudyante, tiyak na may gagawin sila. Hindi raw sila makapaglakad ng normal dahil sa takot kay Jisoo at sa grupo nito. Na kapag napagdiskitahan, biglang hahampasin sa mukha at ulo. May dala rin daw si Jisoo na BB gun at tuwang-tuwa raw ito na ipa-fire sa mga binu-bully niya.

Ang sinulat daw niya ay wala pa kumpara sa mga naranasang pambu-bully umano ni Jisoo sa ibang estudyante.

Hindi rin daw niya ito ni-reveal para manghingi ng anumang compensation o apology kay Jisoo. Ang gusto raw niyang mangyari, ilagay ni Jisoo sa profile niya bilang actor ang, “School Violence Perpetrator.”

Aniya, “What I want is not compensation nor an apology. Everything has already happened, and I don’t need an apology about something that cannot be reverted. And I don’t believe [the apology] would be sincere. There is just one thing I want. Kim Ji Soo. If acting is what you want to do, do it. But keep the title of ‘school violence perpetrator’ in front of your name forever in your heart. Like me, the countless number of people you bullied will never forget that memory.”

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At bukod nga kay A , may dalawa pang netizens na nagki-claim na na-bully sila ni Jisoo. Ang isa, sinabing sinaktan siya at yung isa naman, verbal abused daw ang nangyari.

At dahil sa pangyayaring ito, naglabas ng official statement ang Key East,ang kanyang agency.

“,Hello. This is Keyeast.

“This is our position on the content in the posts about our actor Ji Soo that are being spread around online communities.

“We are looking at this incident seriously and will do our utmost to verify the facts.

“First, as a very long time has passed since the time that is being addressed, we ask for your understanding about needing time to verify the truth.

We will receive reports through email (rpt@keyeast.co.kr) about this matter and collect the information as is without distorting anything. Moreover, if the creator of the posts and the others who came forward will allow, we would like to directly hear their thoughts.

In addition to confirming the facts, the agency and our actor will do our best to resolve this matter. We apologize for causing concern to many people.

However, apart from this issue, we earnestly ask you to avoid creating and posting parts that have not been confirmed from the information that is being spread indiscreetly.

Thank you.”

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