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Joshua ayaw tigilan si Julia

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Kahit may panahong in-unfollow nila ang isa’t isa sa Instagram, ayon kay Julia Barretto ay never naman daw silang hindi naging friends ni Joshua Garcia even after they broke-up.

“I think it came to a surprise to a lot of people that we’re friends,” pahayag ni Julia sa kanyang recent Instagram live interview with G3 San Diego, “but you know, we have been, since last year and I mean, I don’t think there was even a time that we weren’t friends.”

Ever since raw ay very supportive sa kanya si Joshua at parati siyang tsine-check.

“He has always been showing me support, and you know, he would message and just check up if we’re still good, if we’re still friends,” she said.

At hindi naman daw ito kailangan pa nilang ibahagi pa sa publiko.

“It’s not just something that you know, we felt the need to really share with everybody that you know, we’re okay and that we’re friends. I think, it’s just now that people think na ngayon lang nila nakita na ‘oh, they’re friends pala’, so I think it came as a shock,” paliwanag ni Julia.

Ito nga raw ang isa sa pinagpapasalamat niya – na napanatili nila ang pagiging magkaibigan.

“One of the things that I’m also grateful for is that, you know, we were able to protect and stay friends and you know, we’ve come out of situations more mature, wiser, and that was our goal,” pahayag pa ng aktres.

“Just watching him from afar, I think he has matured and I think we both have, so it’s something that we both support about each other and it’s just great, I mean, it’s peaceful,” dagdag niya.

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