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Kang Daniel dinaan sa kanta ang mental health

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Kahit tuloy-tuloy ang mga filming mapa-pelikula o drama sa South Korea, ang mga shows at concert na may live audience ay hindi pa rin pinapayagan.

Aminado ang dating lider ng boy group na “Wanna One” na si Kang Daniel iba pa rin para sa kanya ang mag-perform ng may live audience.

Ayon dito, “I am someone who gains confidence from fans when I perform on stage. I gain confidence from the audience. Honestly, my confidence has dropped these days. Now, that self-esteem when I’m on stage is the same feeling as when I’m in rehearsal. Of course I’ll see online reactions but without people watching me directly, what’s the meaning? I’m not just a vocalist, I’m a performance-based singer. As a singer I want to show the stage and visual aspects, as well as the sound aspects, in harmony. But [nowadays] when I show it, it’s a different feeling.”

Tumatayo rin na C.E.O. si Kang Daniel ng sarili niyang agency. After nga na mag-file ng complaint sa former agency at manager niya, nagtayo na lang ito ng sariling agency. Kaya mas doble ang pressure sa kanya ngayon.

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Pag-amin naman niya, “There is so much more to think about. So much more. Thinking back deeply, back then I didn’t know much because it was my first debut. There were so many things I didn’t know, and it felt like the team members had a tough time because of it. I was really naïve. ‘What’s a dry rehearsal? What’s a camera rehearsal? That red light that just came on, should I look at it? Is that right? Ah, thank you.’ Things like that. It must have been frustrating but I was treated kindly.

“But now, when something unexpected happens on stage, I have to make a judgement at each moment. So there’s much more to think about. Also, I have to bear all the burdens and attacks alone. There are so many things like that.”

Naglabas si Kang Daniel ng kanyang solo album, ang “Yellow” with his pre-release single, “Paranoia.” Ang album niya ay base sa kanyang mental health. Well-received naman ito, lalo na ng mga Korean critics.

Para nga raw short film ang atake at through his songs, ni-reveal din niya ang pinagdaanan niya in-terms of his mental health issue.

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