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Kaoru agresibo nang makaraos


Pambato ng Makati City si Kaoru Aseana Pimentel .

Siya’y 20 years old. May taas na 170 cm.Ang kanyang sukat ay


Si Kaoru ay part time ramp model, commercial model. Mahilig siyang mag-model, manood ng sine at mag-travel. Bihasa siya sa pagrampa, paggigitara at pagsasayaw.

Official candidate siya ng Miss Contintental Philippines .

“I joined Miss Continental Philippines for the reason that I am willing to follow my dreams whatever it takes, and Miss Continental Philippines is a one step forward towards it. My family raised me to be a fighter and a believer that i will fulfill my dreams one day with them, the people I love, beside me. I joined because I want to win the crown that i deserve, not just the crown but I’ve always wanted to touch peoples hearts, everyones heart that you, everybody deserve to reach their dreams and not to give up in every inch of whats happening around us, same as promoting Mental Health Awareness, i want remind everybody that challenges are part of our lives it also come and go. Ive experienced mental illness, its a hard process of moving on from it but look at me now realizing im step by step overcoming everything. I want people to know how strong they are made by Our Father and This Miss Contintental Philippines is one of the best platform for it.” (RFC)