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Katrine Mae pantasya sa ere

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Kaakit-akit ang mga post ni Katrine Mae Biñas sa Lyka. Sa app na ito namin siya nakilala. Mistula siyang pantasya sa ere dahil cabin crew siya ng isang airline.

May taas siyang 5’6” at sukat na 34-25-38.

Si Enrique Gil ang showbiz crush niya dahil sa kanyang acting at dancing skills. Bukod dito, guwapo ang aktor.

Paano niya nami-maintain anh kanyang kaseksihan?

“Actually I’m not maintaining my figure. I’m just blessed that I’m thin no matter what I eat,”pakli niya.

Naapektuhan ba ang work niya sa pandemic?

“I’m still a cabin crew I’ve been flying since June ,2016. Fortunately, I’m not included in the retrenchment. But I’m praying that this pandemic will end soon and everything will be back to normal again. No more pain and suffering, no more lives to end and no more losing of jobs,” lahad ni Katrine.

“Aviation is one of the most affected industry due to COVID-19. Many people lost their job. But recently, we’ve been starting to fly limited flights, domestic and international. Though the flights are not the same like before, I’m thankful that I’m still in the company, Flying and risking ourselves just to send your love ones home,” dagdag pa niya.

Kumusta naman ang experience niya sa Lyka?

“I just started using Lyka App last September 2020. And I’m very happy that they create an app where you can earn gems that converts to cash by just creating a post, by having a followers and by liking someone’s posts and stories. I’m not an influencer of LYKA but there are very generous Lykans that gives away gems. You can also win gems through their mini games and just need to follow their instructions. This app is the best app for me. You can earn just by posting a good content. We all know that our industry is one of the affected industry due to pandemic and LYKA is the great help for us,” sambit pa niya.

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