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Kim Bo Ra lantaran ang relasyon kay Jo Byeong Gyu


Simula nang ipalabas ang isa sa successful drama ng taon, ang “Sky Castle”, mas naging popular at nakilala ang dating child actress na si Kim Bo Ra.

May bago itong Korean film, ang “Goodbye Summer”. Kapareha niya ang fast-rising star na si One.

Sa interview kay Kim Bo Ra sa Xportsnews para i-promote ang bago niyang movie, a love story between a terminally ill boy na nabubuhay lang sa kanyang present at sa girl na worried naman sa kanyang future.

Sabi ni Kim Bo Ra, “I filmed this movie last July. While working on this project, I put on the school uniform again to audition for something else, which turned out to be JTBC’s ‘Sky Castle.’”

Ang sentiment ni Bo Ra, kahit daw 23 years old na siya, teenager pa rin daw ang tingin sa kanya.

Sey niya, “I think that I have a ‘baby-faced’ image in people’s minds, so it would be difficult to play more mature roles at this stage. That’s why I think people keep casting me as a student.”

Dumating daw si Bo Ra sa point na napapaisip.

“I’ve always played teenage roles, so about two years ago I was under a lot of stress about whether I would be able to evolve in my career. But there will be a day when I can’t wear the school uniform even when I want to.

I thought to myself, ‘I will be an adult until the day I die,’ and that changed my thinking. There are also a lot of different roles you can take on as a ‘student.’”

Aminado rin si Bo Ra na dahil sa “Sky Castle”, she gained more popularity.
Aniya, “I’ve been acting for 15 years, but the number of people talking about me definitely increased after ‘SKY Castle.’ I am still the same as I was, but there were a lot of people who came to conclusions about me just based on what they saw in the drama. That could be hurtful at times. But I would talk things out with my older sister and work it out.

“I think that that’s a burden that I have to bear from now on. If I really disliked it, I would quit this line of work, but when I thought about it, I realized I love my job.”

Sa drama na “Sky Castle” rin nakilala ni Bo Ra at naging sila ng aktor na si Jo Byeong Gyu. Kumpara sa ibang South Korean stars na into dating, hindi nila itinago ang relasyon.
Sabi nga ni Bo Ra, mas okay dahil nakalalabas sila na hindi kaila­ngang itago ang mga mukha nila.

“I notice things quickly so I felt that the reporters were nearby. But I couldn’t say, ‘Let’s go look at bags for a bit.’ I wasn’t mentally prepared or anything, but I felt that something was off. After that, I became able to tell [when photographers were nearby]. The two of us don’t usually [cover our faces in public] anyway.”

Sabi pa niya, “I don’t feel any pressure about publicly dating. We agreed to date each other, right? I want to date naturally like people in their 20s.”
Nang tanungin ito kung hindi ba nagseselos ang boyfriend sa kissing scene at intimate scene nila ni One sa movie, sey niya, “I filmed that before I even started ‘Sky Castle,’ so there was no jealousy.”
Sa July 25 na ang showing ng “Goodbye Summer” sa South Korea.(Rose Garcia)