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Lea happy sa pagkatalo ni Trumph

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Isa si Lea Salonga sa natutuwa na hindi na si Donald Trump ang Presidente ng Amerika. Sa kanyang mahabang Facebook post, ibinahagi ng singer ang tunay na nararamdaman sa naganap na eleksyon sa US last November 3 kung saan nga ay si Joe Biden ang nagwaging bagong Pangulo.

“It’s been quite a whirlwind, these past few days. It’s always an emotional roller coaster watching the US presidential elections. So much drama… so much suspense… and I don’t know that any Election Day before this one has had so much of either of those things.

“But wow, Joseph Biden is now the President-elect, and Kamala Harris (badass woman of color) is the Vice President-elect. What a day!” ang bungad ni Lea.

Pagkatapos nito ay nagbalik-tanaw siya noong time na nanalo si Trump 4 years ago at inaming nakaramdam siya ng takot that time.

“Four years ago… where was I four years ago…“Fun Home” was having a tech run… and everyone was banned from turning on their phones for its duration until after curtain call. We all got the news at the same time, and that unfamiliar sense of dread and fear went through me.

“I’m a woman of color that spends plenty of time in the United States. My daughter is growing up to be a woman of color, an actual Asian-American. And the both of us could, in our own unique ways, feel that something wasn’t quite right with the force,” pagbahahagi niya.

Nang pumunta raw siya ng US ng 2017 ay first time na nakaramdam siya ng pangamba sa pagtapak sa nasabing bansa.

“Before heading to the US to embark on my 2017 US tour, I asked my manager if I would be safe. I’ve never had to ask that question, ever.

“It was the first time I actually felt apprehension walking in the streets of one of the biggest melting pots in the world, New York City. I felt I had to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure I was far enough away from people so as not to get attacked.

“Every time I went on stage during my US and Canadian tours, Nicole would always… always ask the question, “Are you going to be OK? No one’s going to hurt you while you’re on stage?” I had to reassure her that I would be safe. She was doubly worried when on tour in 2019 I went out on stage with crutches, hobbling until I reached my spot, sat down, got settled, and sang,” kwento ni Lea.

Si Nicole ang anak nila ng asawang si Robert Chien.

Patuloy niya, “I never felt that before, that sort of anxiety. The act of singing was helpful in getting rid of that, thankfully, and thankfully I wasn’t ever traveling alone.

“No one should ever have to feel this kind of fear in a democracy. Please repeat that sentence as often as necessary.”

Ayon sa singer, ngayon daw ay pwede na ulit siyang bumalik sa US nang hindi nakakaramdam ng takot.

“Today, it feels like I can go back to the USA (well, not while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, but you know what I mean) and not have to feel like I’m being watched by nefarious forces wanting to do me harm. Today, I feel something familiar and far more welcome: HOPE,” pagtatapos ni Lea.

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