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Lea nag-sorry sa DepEd

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Humingi ng paumahin si Lea Salonga sa DepED pagkatapos niyang pitikin dahil sa tattoo.

Post niya sa Facebook, “Okay, so there’s more on this DepEd tattoo story.

“Thanks to a direct message (you have my sincerest thanks… you know who you are) sent to me, turns out that the context of that page was such: the discussion was on Philippine History and on the significance of tattoos in our culture. The correct answer was C, that tattoos were a symbol of beauty and courage. Not A, that tats are a sign of being a criminal.

“So, in my amateur opinion, someone out there wants to make someone else look incompetent. Covering up a big part of the page and making it look like the answer key was marking the wrong letter as correct. For my part in this, allow me to apologize. I just want for our kids to get as good an education as they can get.

“As for the saboteur, there’s a special place in hell for the likes of you.”


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