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Lee Jong Suk nagpaalam sa mga fan


tonite-annyeong-rose-garciaSimula noong March 8 ay nagsi-serve na si Lee Jong Suk ng kanyang mandatory military service. Isa siyang public service agent.

Mas pinili ng actor na pumasok sa military na tahimik lang.

Unlike sa ibang Korean actors, hindi natitiis ang mga fan na gusto silang makita. Bago tuluyang mawala sa limelight sa loob halos ng kulang dalawang taon ay kinausap muna nila ang mga ito.

Pumasok si Jong Suk habang kasalukuyan pang ipinapalabas sa tvN ang kanyang drama na “Romance is a Bonus Book” opposite, South Korean actress, Lee Na Young.

Nag-finale episode ang “Romance is a Bonus Book” on a high cable ratings noong March 17. Kasabay nito, formal din na nagbigay ng kanyang mensahe si Jong Suk sa mga fan. In a way, nagpaalam pansamantala sa kanyang mga tagahanga.

“To my loving fans.

“Thank you for loving and supporting Cha Eun Ho [character name]. I think it’s already been ten years since I first met you as an actor. I, too, am still getting used to this time of unfamiliarity without me, but I felt like I never said a properly farewell so though I am late, I am writing this letter to you.

“They say there are many things in the world that are special because they aren’t special, and I think I’m one of them. I only become special thanks to you. I hoped this drama would be like a gift to you. So I thought longer and harder about how I should portray my character, and I wanted to show you as much as I could, so I mixed up my hairstyles and outfits, did you like it? Now that it’s over, I’m slightly sad that I wasn’t able to do better.

“What I know for sure is that through playing Cha Eun Ho, I’ve learned to relax a little more as I act, and I feel like I finally know how to bring forth everything that I have. There was a time when I kept feeling disappointed in myself because the simple desire to do well weighed me down and made things difficult for me. But through this drama, I learned how to just melt into my character. I started looking at things differently and I feel like I’ve matured a little more.

“I feel like I’m the one who received such a big gift, and my gratitude can’t be expressed in words. I really miss you, and I’ll probably miss you more as time goes by, but I will return to you slowly.

“Like our screenwriter wrote.. I will become a name you think of when things get difficult. I will become like a tree, who becomes rooted in your hearts and whose branches and leaves grow out and flourish.
“I hope you will be healthy. And I am always loving you.”