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Lee Seung Gi may isyu sa mental health

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Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon ay nag-open-up ang Triple Threat Star na si Lee Seung Gi. Ito ay sa latest episode ng SBS’ Master in The House na napapanood sa VIU.

Sa kabila na well-managed ang kanyang career at personal na buhay, dumaan na rin pala siya sa mental health issue.

There was a point in time na kinailangan niyang magpa-consult sa isang psychiatrist. Ito raw ang time na bago siya mag-enlist sa military service.

Nagkataon na ang special guest nila sa episode ay ang psychiatrist na si Dr. Oh Eun Young. Tinanong nito ang mga member kung naranasan na raw nilang magpa-consult sa isang psychiatrist nga.

Ayon kay Lee Seung Gi, Can I speak honestly? I have received psychiatric treatment before.”

Sabi pa niya, “At the time, my mind felt so claustrophobic that I started experiencing physical symptoms too. It was before I went to the military, when I was around 29. I was about to turn 30 and I started to feel pain. At first, I thought I was just sick, so I went to the traditional Korean medicine clinic and the hospital and even got an MRI. They said that I had no issues, but I was in pain.

“I heard from the people around me that it could be anxiety disorder and they recommended I go to a psychiatrist. But going to a psychiatrist wasn’t the same as going to one’s neighborhood doctor or clinic. It was hard even to get myself to the door. At the time, I wasn’t able to talk about everything that was in my heart. I had an instinctive sense of keeping myself guarded.”

Bukod dito, inamin din niya na madalas ay hindi siya maka- “No,” parang in-return minsan siya ang nagkakaroon ng hard time.

Meron pa itong binigay na example.

Aniya, “I don’t think that this is a bad side of me, but there’s one side of me that gives me a hard time sometimes. When I’m feeling good, when the vibe is good, I have trouble saying no to people. I give away my help too easily.”

Tinanong ito ni Dr. Oh kung siya rin daw ba ang tipo ng tao na kapag sinabi na okay sa kanya ang isang bagay, bibilhin niya nga ito.

Pag-amin ni Seung Gi, “I did that a lot when I went travelling with Lee Seo Jin. As soon as he said, ‘This looks nice,’ I would buy it. If it’s someone I like, I respond.

“I don’t regret acting that way, but I think that I can go overboard with the slightest encouragement. My close friend’s daughter had her first birthday party and I was invited. It was on the same day as my last day of drama filming. The birthday party was at noon in Jamsil and I was filming in Yeongjongdo [an island off the coast of Incheon]. It was my last filming so I didn’t have that much to do, but because of the birthday party, I went as soon as the sun rose and waited there. But it wasn’t an official event or anything, it was just a personal thing, so I couldn’t ask the staff to finish quickly. Instead, I was just anxious all day long. At the end, we took a group photo with the staff members. Even though it was really hard on me, I pretended that I was fine, because I didn’t want people to know. I went to the birthday party and took photos there too.”

Nang dahil sa mga ipinagtapat na ito ng actor/singer/host, sinabi ng psychiatrist ang dahilan kung bakit daw ito gano’n.

Sey nito kay Seung Gi, “There’s a reason why you can’t say no to people. When it comes to human life, there’s always a reason. Lee Seung Gi is a very faithful person with a strong sense of responsibility. He’s also very altruistic. He likes to be beneficial to other people. When he thinks it might help someone or give them happiness, he can’t refuse. Another thing about Lee Seung Gi is that he has faith in himself and his abilities to do what he needs to do. He’s a competent person who has done well until now. He has a true sense of belief in himself that he can do it.”

Halos puro positibo rin ang mga comment ng mga netizen sa revelation na ito ni Lee Seung Gi. Isa sa reaksyon ng netizen, “Being honest about one’s mental health takes courage, especially for someone who is well-known and greatly loved like him.”

Pero may nag-comment din na, “Lee SeungGi is one of the best personalities. Perfect in all but failed in love life.”

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