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Mary Justine bet si Solenn Heussaff


Naging bisita ng Tambayan ng Tsika, online show ng Abante Tonite ang first runner up ng Mutya ng Pilipinas na si Mary Justine Teng.

Kailan niya na-realize na gusto niyang sumali sa pageant?

“Dati pa when I was a kid but then I didn’t really realize that I could join, like it took a time for me to build my self-esteem. Then when I was a bit more mature and more confident that’s when I finally had the confidence to join in pageant.

Did you ever have an ugly duckling stage in your life?

“Definitely yeah, una pimple stage tapos nawala pero it never went away because I had my braces on, magulo ‘yung hair ko, ‘di ako marunong mag-ayos eh. Tapos mga gusto ko dati mga chess. Chess champion ako dati sa school, playing video games then drawing, ‘yun mga trip ko.

Kailan siya mas naging confident sa sarili niya?

“Nag-start ‘yung buil­ding ng confidence during debut season, when people star­ting to dress up and then people starting to acknowledge na like ‘Uy you’re so pretty you look so nice’ and as I started thinking na ‘Uy ang sarap pala maging babae’ kasi dati parang iniisip ko na sana lalaki na lang ako, boyish lang kasi boyish mga type kong gawin eh.”

Who convince you to join Mutya ng Pilipinas?

“Well, ako na rin ang nagsabi na I wanted to join when I found out it was the 50th year sabi ko “Oh my Gosh I wanna join” and ‘yung mom ko na rin siya was really big factor. She always wanted to be beauty queen but she didn’t have the means to be so she said that now that I’m young and I have what it takes, I should pursue my dreams.”

How does it feel to be 1st Runner Up and not get the crown?

“Actually, before when I was gonna get the crown, I was praying na ‘I wanna get the crown talaga’ kasi I work hard for it tapos when I was first-runner up kasi mixed feeling siya eh, syempre you are really happy cause you got to become top five eh. Technically, Top 5 in the 50th year so happy ako doon. But then a part of me was a bit sad kasi ‘hala wala akong crown’ tapos noong kinrown ako sabi ko hala may crown pala. Tapos sabi ko, I should be specific pala in my prayers kasi I want the crown and represent the Philippines.”

Artista girl that you want to model your jewelry?

“Well, my idol kasi is Solenn Heussaff. I wish she could wear our jewelry. Kasi she’s a multi-achiever eh and she’s really beautiful, down to earth tapos she’s an artist, she’s an actress. Tapos she’s a fitness advocate, she’s a singer tapos she has exhibit tapos she was able to donate to a cause using what she did for an exhibit.”

After Mutya ng Pilipinas, What’s next?

“I’m thinking of joining Miss Earth, Miss World sana. People have been telling me to join Binibing Pilipinas but I see myself joining Miss Earth or Miss World. I don’t know time will come.”