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Maureen tsinugi sa ‘EB’

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Malalim ang hugot ni Maureen Wroblewitz kaugnay ng pagkawala niya bilang co-host sa longest running noontime show na “Eat Bulaga.”

Lahad niya: “Eat Bulaga was the next step in my career and I was so surprised that they even wanted to get me as a host because my Tagalog speaking skills were maybe just at 20%. Fortunately, they provided 10 Tagalog classes for me. I was motivated to learn because of course I wanted to be able to host in Tagalog one day.

“As I’m a so called ‘Adult Learner,’ it was a lot harder than I thought, even if I had a slight advantage of already understanding the language. I would pressure myself a lot to learn and I had to constantly remind everyone around me to stop speaking English with me…

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“After a while I just knew I had to go back to taking classes because I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. At the same time I was fighting my inner battle of overcoming the German attitude. I would try to host in Tagalog but I would be ‘bulol’ most of the time. I thought it was okay because Filipinos think it’s cute right? I was wrong. I would get a lot of hate because I didn’t know how to speak in Tagalog. People asked themselves why I was even on the show.

“What could I possibly contribute to the show? My lack of talents? I would go home crying because I was so mad at myself.”

Dahil sa kanyang naging rebelasyon, lumutang ang mga espekulasyon ng netizens na sinisante ang nasabing Asia’s Next Top Model winner dahil sa poor performance raw nito sa nasabing TV show. (Archie Liao)