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Max nagbuyangyang ng boobs

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Walang takot na nagbuyangyag ng kanyang boobs si Max Collins sa kanyang latest Instagram post pero wala namang malisya at napakagandang pagmasdan dahil sa larawan ay makikitang nagpapa-breastfeed siya ng one-month old baby boy nila ni Pancho Magno.

Sa caption ay ibinahagi ni Max ang journey niya sa pagpapa-breastfeed kay baby Skye Anakin. Aniya, breastfeeding is a magical, intimate experience with your child pero nakaka-drain din daw physically and emotionally.

“Since its world breastfeeding week, I’d like to share my journey with you thus far. It’s been CRAAAAZY I honestly don’t know how mamas go on breastfeeding for years, or with twins! Yes, it’s a magical, intimate experience to have with your child, but it’s also physically and emotionally draining,” bungad niya.

Tulad ng ibang breastfeeding moms, naranasan din ni Max ang mawalan ng gatas ang kanyang breast.

“I had a difficult time during the first two weeks of breastfeeding, my milk ducts were clogged most of the time and it was difficult getting the milk out and once I got over that stump, a new challenge arrived! I was (and still am) having quite a difficult time producing enough milk for my baby (who feeds nonstop around the clock) but I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve been getting from family and friends who have had similar hardships – especially one friend in particular who shared her milk stash with Skye.”

Sinabi rin ni Max ang kahalagahan ng breastfeeding lalo na ngayong panahon ng pandemic.

“Breast milk is such a blessing for our babies during this pandemic, helping build their immune system and protect them against illnesses (just incase you didn’t know). That being said, breastfeeding isn’t for every momma and that’s OK! I grew up on formula and turned out fine. This week let’s celebrate every mother’s own unique breastfeeding journey.

“How precious mother’s milk truly is, that it should also be celebrated in the form of art!” pahayag pa ni Max.

Nakaka-amaze rin ang larawan na ibinahagi ni Max na coasters and jewelry na gawa mula kanyang breast milk, placenta at umbilical cord ni Skye.

“If you swipe the photo you can see one-of-a-kind jewellry and coasters made by @irina_doula @sacredelementsjewellery using my breast milk, bits of my placenta, and Skye’s umbilical cord. How beautiful, no?” pagbahahagi pa ng Kapuso actress.

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