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Paolo suspendido ‘pag idinisplay si Sebastian


Marami ang umaasa na magiging escort ni Paolo Ballesteros ang nali-link sa kanya ngayon na si Sebastian Castro sa premiere night nu’ng Lunes sa ‘My 2 Mommies’.
Pero walang Sebastian sa naturang okasyon.

Ayon sa isang katoto mas inuna diumano ni Seb na mag-beach sa Bataan kesa samahan si Paolo.

May tsika rin kaming narinig na ipinagbabawa­l diumano ng management ang paglalantad ni Paolo kung meron man itong karelasyon.

“E, ‘di suspended uli sa Eat Bulaga si Paolo pag idinisplay niya si Sebastian,” sambit ng aming source.

Hayun naman pala, eh!

Ha! ha! ha!

My 2 Mommie­s Graded A sa CEB

POSITIBO ang review sa pelikulang ‘My 2 Mommies’ ng Regal Entertainment Inc. Comedy ito na may twist.

GRADED A rin ito sa CEB (Cinema Evaluation Board).

Kitang-kita ang kasiyahan kina Mother Lily Monteverde at Ms. Roselle Monteverde pagkatapos ng premiere night dahil sa ganda ng pelikula at istorya.

Post nga ni Ms. Roselle sa kanyang Instagram account @roselle714, “Every premiere night, I get uneasy because I become anxious of how the audience­ would react to the movie.

Tonight I was astounded­ by the overly positive acclamation! They were enthusiastically­ laughing and continuously ravin­g about how well made it is. Every actor from Paolo Bal­lesteros who is genuinely and naturally not only funny but also witty and versatile; Solenn Heussaff’s sincerity with her character made me feel for her motherhood role even though she never had any mommy experience; Marcus Cabais as the child was exceptionally good and not overacting; Joem Bascon is perfect for the role as the partner for Paolo.

They both have that chemistry na nakakakilig and Joem’s acting feels calming and very sensible. Of course, my friend, Maricel Soriano, to whom I am very grateful for bravely accepting the role. Marya is awesome with being just herself her signature peformance – witty and still undoubtedly still the unbeatable actor with great timing and very respectable. Thanks to my bff Eric Quizon for his patience.

He is the perfect match to this movie which btw accidentally lande­d on him. His is the most tedious job and he did a greatest assembly of this movie! Ang ga­ling mo direk Eric! I have read the script and seen this mo­vie at least five times and I am still awed by the charm of the characters and never got tired and it still made me laugh and love the more I watch it. Nakakatuwa and nakakatouch. Dianne Medina, Billy Ray Gallon, Mich Liggayu, Lotlot Bustamante, … you all did very, very well. Thanks Joey Reyes for the beautiful screenplay. Tagos sa tiyan sa laughter and tagos sa puso sa love! I do believe with non-formula movies Joey.

Kudos everyone! Cheers to the cast and staff! My 2 Mommies opening on May 9. Watch this guys! #My2Mommies.”


Aubrey dyosa ng San Pedro sa Miss Philippines Earth 2018

PAMBATO ng San Pedro City si Aubrey Elauria. Palaban ang byuti kaya puwedeng tawaging dyosa ng kagandahan sa Miss Philippines Earth 2018. Siya’y 19, 5’4.5” ang height at may vital statistics na 32-25-34.

Bakit gusto niyang maging Miss Philippines Earth 2018?

“I want to be Miss Philippines Earth 2018 because I want to continue the legacy of what Miss Philippines Earth have started and at the same time I want to raise awareness on preservation and protection of our tourist destinations likewise increasing our country’s tourism industry,” tugon niya.

Ano ang kanyang environmental advocacy?

“My advocacy focu­ses on both health and environment. I will inculcate the significance of well ba­lanced eating habits and daily routine exercise through each mind and heart of the people. Likewise, i will promote the use of organic products and encourage people especially the youth to join in different activities that relate to the environment so that we can help in preserving our beautiful mother nature.”