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Park Bo Gum milagrong nabuhay

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Matagal nang umiikot ang isyu tungkol kay Park Bo Gum na diumano’y kulto ang kinaaaniban niyang relihiyon.

Naging maingay ito ilang taon na ang nakararaaan. Nag-post si Bo Gum sa kanyang social media account ng imbitasyon sa tila gathering ng kinaaanibang relihiyon. Although, hindi na lang Buddhism ang kilalang relihiyon sa South Korea, over the years ay marami ng Christian churches tulad ng United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Churches at Catholic Church.

Naba-bash si Bogummy dahil sa kanyang relihiyon. Pinaniniwalaan talagang isa umano itong kulto at hindi nire-recognize ng ibang Christian churches sa Korea.

Sa kabila rin na si Park Bo Gum ay malapit sa Pastor ng kanilang church . Ito rin ang nagbigay ng kanyang pangalan na Bo Gum.

Sa dati niyang interview, sinabi nito na, “I look up to my pastor who gave me my name, which means ‘precious sword’. When I see his life, I realize what it means to be truly wise, and not just in a religious sense.”

Sa lumabas na sulat naman ng ama ng actor, inilahad nito na isang miracle baby pala ito. Akala raw nila, mamamatay na ito nang ipanganak. May edad na rin daw ang ina ni Bo Gum nang ipanganak ito na all the while, ang alam daw nila ay “infertile” o baog ito.

Narito ang inilabas na sulat ng ama ni Bo Gum sa koreaboo.com.

“My wife ended up getting pregnant at a late age, and at the time we thought she was infertile. We didn’t know she was pregnant, so she took several medications [for an illness she had at the time].

“We were worried about giving birth to a deformed child [due to the medication], so we tried to abort the baby but it seemed like that wasn’t God’s will. In the end, she gave birth to a healthy boy.

“When our healthy baby was held by his mother, he suddenly started crying and had to be rushed to the ER because of his high temperature.

“For many days, there was no improvement, and the baby slowly started looking like a corpse, and the doctor continued to say negative things that disappointed us.

“At the time, our pastor told us that God had blessed us with this baby, so he recommended we get discharged and have his confirmation with the pastor.

“I signed the discharge form at the hospital and brought our baby home. But no matter how much I thought about it, our baby’s hair was falling out, so I didn’t think being confirmed by our pastor would help him get any better, so I drove him back to Seoul National University Hospital.

“When I arrived at the entrance of the hospital, an unknown force steered me back home so I made a U-turn and drove back to the pastor. The pastor then told me to receive his confirmation, turn on some hymns, and pray.

“I went home and did exactly as he told me to, and our corpse-like baby started crying again, and after excreting black waste, he was completely cured within a week.

“At the hospital, they said he would be able to get a hernia surgery when he was 6, but with prayer, his hernia was completely cured within two months and we saw the Lord’s true glory. Our pastor then gave our child the name, ‘Bo Gum’.”

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