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Pia inintriga sa Dubai award

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Si Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach ang hinirang na Woman of the Year ng Dubai-based luxury magazine na Xpedition.

Siya mismo ang dumalo sa Xpedition Annual Gala Awards (XAGA) sa naturang bansa para personal na tanggapin ang award base na rin sa kanyang Instagram post.

Ipinost ni Pia sa kanyang Instagram account ang kanyang tropeo at ang mga larawan niya na kuha mula sa nasabing awarding ceremony. Sa caption ay nagpapasalamat ang beauty queen sa award at ipinahayag kung gaano siya ka-proud na isa siya sa 15 awardees.

“Thank you so much @xpeditionmagazine @josh_yugen @yugenpr for the invitation and the award. 15 awards were given out tonight and I’m so grateful to receive one of them. Thank you for recognizing my efforts,” post niya.

Kasunod nito ay ibinahagi ni Pia ang nararamdaman sa mga basher na kumukuwestiyon kung bakit siya ang binigyan ng parangal.

“I noticed a few bashers questioning why I was given this award, also saying that I dont deserve it.. I usually dont like answering them but I have to admit, nahuhurt ako pag sinasabing “wala ka namang ginawa”. So let me explain.. continuation in the comments sections cos it wont fit here..” lahad ni Pia.

Sa comment section ay isa-isa ngang ipinaalam ng beauty queen ang kanyang mga ginawang fundraiser activities.

“Earlier this year when the pandemic started I did my very first fundraiser. Usually I just join other fundraisers but this time I started my own. Literally me handling the monetary donations myself, without an org to work with. And keeping it all transparent para sure na lahat talaga madodonate.

“I was able to collect over 1 million pesos. I used the money to donate PPEs to hospitals earlier this year when they were harder to get by. I also donated money to the fundraiser myself.

“When we collected everything, I only had my cousin, a friend and my driver to help me do the deliveries. Kami lang po yung gumagawa. Wala kaming big team or staff.

“Around the same time I also partnered with a local restaurant to continously deliver lunch and dinner to the ICU unit Makati Med for weeks and that was with my own money,” ang unang paliwanag ni Pia.

Bukod dito ay ibinenta rin daw niya ang gowns and shoes na isinuot sa Miss U pageant to raise funds.
“After the success of my very first fundraiser I gained the confidence to do more. So then when Vestido and Aquafina asked me to donate gowns I wore as Misa Universe, I said yes! Gowns and shoes were auctioned off all for charity,” kwento niya.

Pagkatapos nito ay kinuha siyang Ambassador ng World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines at tumulong sa fundraising activities. Ibinenta rin daw niya ang kanyang mga relo for charity cause.

“A few months later I was asked by WWF to join their team and I was so happy to be a part of it and learn more, also because Jeremy who is a global Ambassador for WWF, has been teaching me so much about it.

“Now because of safety reasons, I havent done any on ground work yet but I helped with their fundraisers and I sinced I joined their team we closed 3 campaigns. Each of them were about 300-400 thousand pesos.

“I also auctioned off my watches to Anne’s and Angel’s fundraiser earlier this year and the funds also went to charity.
“I also do a free talk with UNAIDS every 3 months,” patuloy niya.

And recently, nag-donate rin daw siya from her own pocket para sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo.

“Also, a few weeks ago when I arrived from London, nasa eroplano palang ako kausap ko na si Carla and Mar of Queentuhan about doing another fundraiser for the victims of the recent typhoons.

“I even personally reached out to beauty queens myself to help us spread the word so we could collect more and help more. Syempre nag donate din kami from our own pockets.

“I was so happy to see that even though bagong bago palang ang podcast namin, we were able to collect over 400 thousand pesos. All of that went to the beneficiaries.

“And before I left for Dubai, before I could even pack my stuff for the trip, inuna ko muna yung repacking of relief goods for love yourself. Wala po akong maid sa bahay, kami lang po ng pinsan ko ang nandun and we did everything ourselves.

“I kept myself busy during this pandemic by helping, donating, keeping myself updated with the news and doing free interviews and talks.

“People seem to think I have a staff of a big team but really most of the work I do, I do myself. Ive always been that way,” pahayag pa ni former Miss U.

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