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Piolo pumiyok sa Sagada trip

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Nagbigay ng official statement si Piolo Pascual sa kanyang Instagram account. May kinalaman ito sa kontrobersyal na pagpunta sa Sagada at Banawe kasama si direk Joyce Bernal.

Narito ang buong nilalaman:

“In this time of pandemic and uncertainty, I always pray for God’s grace and wisdom.

“I grew up in a Christian home and we were raised to value hardwork and loyalty. To not bite the hand that feeds you.

“With the recent controversy involving my friend Direk Joyce and myself, it saddened me to be judged without knowing the facts. I’m the type who just lets things pass and the truth speak for itself but this time I’m forced to air my side for clarity.

“My loyalty has been with ABS-CBN since I was born in this business. My trip to Sagada had nothing to do with the government. I haven’t met the President personally and I don’t do politics as some may know. I was there with Direk Joyce and my friend Illac Diaz to Help Direk Joyce get footage for her personal message/video before the start of SONA, showing how the environment has changed positively because of the pandemic.

“This isn’t about the President…

“We went through the process of applying for clearance to enter Sagada with a written document addressed to the Mayor and he gave us a verbal approval and so we drove for nine (9) hours to the Mt. Province. We were escorted by the police from Baguio City to Sagada to make sure we didn’t go anywhere else or deviate from our trip. When we got to my friend’s place, Direk Joyce was invited by the Sangguniang Bayan to explain that we couldn’t stay there for a very valid reason, vetoing the decision of the Mayor which we respected and they even offered for us to stay night since it was a long travel.

Same thing when we tried to go to Banawe, we went to the Capitol and Direk Joyce asked the Governor where we could shoot but the Mayor also declined since there were active cases there. We were in touch with the local council and respected their decision and by the way, all of us did a rapid test before even going on this trip.

“Then we tried Baguio by first calling the Mayor’s office and he willingly took us in as long as we went through safety protocols and follow guidelines, all along being escorted by the police.

“Finally, we arrived in Baguio City. We lined up for the triage and got our clearance for entry. The next day we did a swab test again and just shot at places wherein nature was the subject and not the people.

“My association with Direk Joyce has got nothing to do with my political stand and as a citizen of this country. I love my country regardless of who the President is and I love my home network which is ABS-CBN.

“There’s not a day that I didn’t pray for ABS-CBN. I love my job and I love this nation, so please stop hating or judging as the world is already at the brink of losing hope.

“Let’s encourage, build each other up, pray for each other and spread understanding, compassion and most of all hope and love.

“Life is too short to be lived with anger and bitterness in our hearts.

God bless you.”

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