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Robin ibabalik PH history sa high school

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Inihain ni Senador Robin Padilla ang Senate Bill 451 na nag¬lalayong ibalik ang subject na Philippine history sa high school curriculum.

“To lead this nation into the future would require an understanding of the country’s historical roots and cultural heritage in ideally all levels of formal education,” ayon sa panukala.

Sa ilalim ng panukala, ituturo ang Philippine history para isapuso ang pagmamahal sa bayan. Kasama rito ang “history, culture and identity” ng Bangsamoro at Indigenous People.
“Lest we forget the old saying that to deny and obliterate people their own understanding of their history is the most effective way to destroy them,”ayon sa Senador.
Dagdag pa ng senador, “It is truly unfortunate for our youth, whom we dub as the hope and future of our nation, to be stripped of the opportunity to wade through the books of our invaluable past.” (Eralyn Prado)

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