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Sampal kay Vivian: Isabel negative sa drug test

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Nag-post si Isabel Rivas sa kanyang Facebook ng resulta ng kanyang drug test. Sagot ito sa post ni Vivian Velez na blind item na “Tumitira ka pa rin palaka?#maTOKHANGkaSANA.” Hinala ng karamihan ay patutsada niya umano ito kay Isabel.

Mahaba ang litanya ni Isabel sa kanyang Facebook account .

“Dear family, friends & readers

I went to a reputable drug testing center this morning to do my test for everyone to know im drug free. Accusers doers Vivian Velez..Here it shows how unreliable a person you really are for accusing me w/o proof.

“Your angry bcuz I called you out on your calloused heart when you posted hurtful congratulatory to the failure of ABS’s non renewal of their contract.

“I do not have any problem about your issues of ABS’s non renewal.
“Again listen: I have no complain to the non renewal!!

“Maybe they have commited mistakes, so we made congress decide. I don’t question the team of government who made a decision on it bcuz I don’t know any better, I was not even following the hearings.

“My issue is the callousness of your persons heart for people in distress & your friends & colleagues at that for 4 decades when I saw your congratulatory posts. How can a member of our industry be so blatantly cheering while thousands of your friends, acquaintances are in misery at a time when the world is in chaos, the fact that they are displaced, losing their livelihood, homes & are miserably crying in the middle of pandemic & loosing all their future & dreams. Where is your emphaty or awa to the people you worked w/ for decades? You owe this industry where you are now, to the ladder you want to climb or else where would you be if they knew the real character your displaying now.

People helped you get known, given you a chance to change your life for the better, naka pwesto ka na nga dyan, Why, bcuz this politicians know you bcuz of this industry! Kailangan mo pa bang insultohin mga dati mong kasamahan to show your new friends na matibay ka?

“This industry gave you special treatment & tagged you ms body beautiful in your heydays & somehow gained power when you met your producer boyfriend from again being known bcuz of this industry. You made friends w/ this very people loosing their jobs & kissed them on the cheeks when you see them!! Such unforgivable hypocrisy.

“Adding insult to the injured lives of your friends was a hard pill to swallow for me.

Giving names to
people who lambasted them
“bagong crash ng bayan”
“Thank you Congress you did good for the country“
“Today we made history 70-12”
even quoting God for your callousness, while your friends & colleagues were feeling lost, crying where they’r next paycheck will come from gave me palpitations.

“I was sad for the industry.

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“Ganito na lang ba ang kawalan mo ng emosyon sa mga dati mong kasama? Diba galing ka din sa hirap so alam mo ano pakiramdam nila.

“Knowing that you are heading our Film Academy of the Philippines, representing an important branch in our industry, You have an obligation to be the bridge between government & the people in this industry, to show ur love, & support not bitterness nor arrogance….painful.
“Yes many artists lost a venue of work for now, but don’t be too happy bcuz they will be back!!
And with vengeance.

ABS employees who lost livelihoods will be employed again soon that I’m sure.

“Everyone will be helping each other get by from this life’s sad dark day’s bcuz we are all in one industry, one family!
“These 2 networks are friends.

“The tears of another competitor are tears in everyone’s hearts too. Their loss is our loss, they are our neighbors, our ally’s, people we bump into in the streets, on parties, press conferences in the future.
“Now I have explained where my heart & comments are coming from.
“Let the people judge our intensions.

“I have no benefit from this low & cheap exchanges, but I will not let you call me names like “ingiterang palaka” at sana ma “tokhang ka.”
“First I have nothing to be jealous of you. What have you got that I don’t,
“I asked my deep heart to ck if maybe your making a point, bcuz that’s my character, I listen, I dig inside my heart, but i cant find anything to be jealous of. I’m not a jealous person.

“I have everything i need for my short stint here on earth, I am loved bcuz I too love, I have an industry that cares for me bcuz i dont burn bridges…i build bridges of love, care, sympathy & empathy.
“I have families & friends who i can run to, not just social media followers who shallowly know you.

“Don’t be calling me names bcuz if start calling you names u’ll cringe in shame & cheapness!I am not publicity hungry either.
I did not even expect this to be noticed, I have no need for publicity.
“I live a simple life & im happy & content. Im a farmer who plants whenever time permits.

“I don’t need to be appointed to any government position so I don’t have to lick anybody’s ass nor destroy any friendship I have.

Im in a position where I can be at peace w/ my God, my family, my grandchildren, friends, be of help, my television work w/ GMA 7 presently & my gym time. With that skedule alone my day is full so why waste my time on you.

I seek nothing for myself anymore, no material thing i need esp when covid came along. Not even the lipsticks, shoes & bags we used to adore are of any use now & i think wont be in a long time.

“My friends who loves me say’s “Hwag mo na pansinin bcuz parang nakikipag talo ka sa asong kanal”.Yes I agreed but I told them only after I submit my drug test & this letter for people to know who I am & what I stand for. Fairness, emphaty & EQ!
So i leave you to ponder on what I’ve said hoping it puts your feet back on the ground.”

Bukas ang panig ni Vivian sa isyung ito.

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